Plants vs Zombies Games Play Online

Do you like severe post-apocalyptic plots where hordes of the undead are attacking the city and you act as a hero that saves it? Or maybe you prefer humorous and a bit absurd plots that make you laugh all the time? Well, we are glad to inform you that Plants VS Zombies has both. This is a title where you meet numerous types of flowers, trees, bushes and other plants that are alive and ready to save your house from the zombie attack.

Different modes to try out

The number of adorable characters strives to infinity and all of them have different skills. Some are natural-born snipers, the others are perfect in a close battle, still others are healers and supporters. Adorable and brave, they will make you smile with amusement! As you may understand, the variety of character types is here for a reason. You need to think smartly and make up a strategy: each plant has to find its place on the battlefield. The first task is connected with planning and thoughtful approach – place the plants with various characteristics where they belong. For instance, the snipers are perfect on a distance, while healers should appear at the hottest places of the map.

The game presents various playing styles: competitive multiplayer, player VS player, and cooperative defense mode. You can play alone or with your friends. The maps and modes have different features and complexity levels. For instance, some of them don’t allow respawns and inability to pick the same character for the next rounds. When you agree for such limitations, you have a chance to play with different heroes and develop various skills in game Plants vs Zombies without downloading. You can become a real hero who know how to act in any situation!

If you are not a big fun of energetic battles, there is a rest area here as well. It is a social hub for all online players where you can enjoy various funny contests, including dancing, as well as shooting and sandbox areas. The environment is arranged like a small town with signs, so you can wander around and visit different corners where something interesting and exciting is waiting for you. The developers change decorations from time to time, using different thematic skills that look and feel absolutely appealing.

Fantastic characters with bright personalities

Maybe the best thing the game can boast of is a large and diverse collection of characters that have different personalities and you can control them all! All of them are original and look just perfectly. For example, you will meet a bot gloomy assassin – a mushroom called Night Cap. He has glowing eyes and ability to become invisible. Sunflower is a cute healer who can turn the light of the sun into energy and keep your soldiers alive and unharmed. Kernel Corn is a perfect shooter with two automatic weapons that can tear your enemies into pieces with one shot. The variety is really striking and you will surely create a mighty and balanced army if you will do your best! Their skills and personalities unwrap themselves when the characters are in action, so you will have to train a bit to learn how to make the most of each! Good luck and happy botanical battles to you!

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