Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time

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This part of Plants VS Zombies is a great way to spend your time with enjoyment. If you are a fan of the franchise, we bet that you will really like this chapter! Like in the previous ones, you will start with planting. You have some seeds and the task is to place them in the ground and make them grown into real massive soldiers that will keep your house safe when the zombies will come. Your city is under attack and these horrible guys are moving to your place pretty fast, so you cannot lose your time! Take the seeds and start planting them smartly and carefully. There are flowers, trees, mushrooms, and bushes and all of them are different and unique. They are all divided into classes and therefore need to be treated accordingly. For instance, here you are going to meet those that are perfect warriors, shooters, doctors, and even shadowy assassins. Choose the best position for each and get ready to shoot hardly – the undead will come soon.
The events of this game are happening after the first part of the game. The plot is developing around the same story, but has some distinguishing features and elements. After years of searching, Crazy Dave has found something he was longing to get – a Spicy Sauce. This is a magical artefact, not just some tasty thing for your dinner! But Dave decides to treat it just like an ordinary sauce, so he pours the entire pack on his taco. Enjoying its taste, the guy thinks that the moment is so amazing that he would live it out once again. He decides to use the time machine and get back to the past. However, a horrible mistake is done! Dave wanted to come back for 40 minutes, but he pressed the wrong button, so he comes back for 4000 years! This is when the world catastrophe starts. He didn’t know what is waiting for him this time, but the world of the past turned to be a brutal place. The zombie apocalypse is there, so people are turning into monsters and killing each other. Dave will appear in the heart of the battle, but gladly he has them – the plants! And the plants will help him survive. Just do your best and keep your plants army on the top! The last advice – never eat strange sauces again and be careful when using your time turner for the next time.

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