Plants vs Zombies 2

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5 stars

Both critics and players were excited by this unique and truly bright game that unites features of so many genres – strategy, survival, fighting, and… a bit comedy! You will surely enjoy this crazy adventure in the world of plants and zombies that are in the state of a constant war that doesn’t end for years. You will play for the army of flowers and try to defeat the dangerous and disgusting undead creatures that are trying to attack and destroy your native city. The idea of the game sounds like this: you have a to build the army of different plants and place them in front of your house to prevent zombies from entering it. The destiny of your city (and your own house, of course) depends on the decisions you make! Be sure to build a strategically justified wall of flowers and become a hero!
Get the diverse army of different plants that can boast of various skills! Don’t forget to add healers like Sun Flower – he can keep your team in order even when the zombies attack too severely. With his special skills, Sun Flower can support and respawn your soldiers and bring them back to battle. Laser Bob will also become a great warrior in your army. He is explosively mighty and can attack zombies from a long distance, shooting like a real sniper. There are more characters you will have to try out and learn how to control them and where to locate each. It is very important to think carefully when you choose them and know where you want to place this or that type of a unit. The correct and smart strategy will help your reach the best results and win the battles! Be ready that not only the undead will come to your place, but also small demons and even chicken-zombies!
During the playing process, you will gather the seeds and grow new and extremely powerful plants out of these small corns. Let your little children become mighty and tough! You will improve your attacks, defense, and get absolutely new and amazing skills like an ability to control the time. Make sure that your territory is defended from the enemies and make the most of every single flower, bush, and tree! Small daffodils and incredible oaks can become your comrades in this battle – equally strong and brave! If you are assured that your zombie-fighting strategy is the best imaginable, we welcome you to enter the arena with other players and compete with them! Fight the other gamers and have fun! Truly massive and energetic battles are waiting for you here!

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