Plants vs Zombies 2020

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Here comes the new year at Neighborwille, which means that the new adventures (as well as dangers) are waiting for the citizens. If you thought that the war between life and death, plants and zombies, is over – you were wrong! The battles go on and you will become a part of them as well. The destiny of the entire city and its dwellers’ brains never stops! So call your buddies and get ready to join the freshest version of the legendary title we all love that much. New features, more cool characters, and striking campaigns are waiting for all fans. And we are ready to present the free version of the game to you right here and right now!
The winter is not a restriction for plants, but unfortunately it is not a barrier for zombies as well. They are here again and, as always, these monsters are hungry. Gladly, you have your green soldiers by your side and they are always ready to back you up! So The festival called Snowy Day is coming, but it seems like something bad will make it cloudier than you planned. Take a walk around the beautiful park and have fun playing amusing small games and v all-comers. Different cool awards are waiting for you, including hats, weapons, emojis, and more! When you will reach the middle of the park, you will get a camouflage of the foot-slogger, then – a costume called Century Dragon to enter the caves of the Dragon Jaws, and then Eternal Dragon for the finish. Get all the legendary skins and become the best warrior in history! You can do that!
There are special prizes in the game – bulbs. When you receive them, the level of your experience and skill grows, no matter which playing regime you choose. Pass the challenges for characters every day and receive new bulbs – the more you get, the better your character becomes. When you get enough of these items, the map of the Snowy Day will be open for you entirely. If you want to know the future of Neighborwille – take a look at the magical ball and see everything like in a time machine! Play the newest version of the game and stay updated – new cool features are waiting for you in this season! Have fun, but don’t get too relaxed! Stay tuned and don’t forget that zombies are always near you…

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