Plants vs Zombies 3

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Welcome to the third chapter of an amazing franchise where the green world of plants collides with the dark world of the undead monsters! Are you ready to continue this endless battle? Here you go, then. The third part is no less amazing and thrilling than those two you already know. Only now you are welcome to check a rich collection of newish features, more strategic options, and improved defensive gameplay. As always, you will create a full-packed and powerful army of cool plants – each with an original skills and abilities. Are you ready to stand against a horde of horrible undead creatures? Prepare to meet different types of zombies, including bosses! Don’t worry – you will have a chance to connect with other players and defeat every single enemy! There is another options as well – not only you can cooperate with plant-masters from the server, but also compete against them! The real-life battles in all imaginable modes are waiting for you!
The zombies are back in town and the massive fights are even more hot now. Their boss, Doctor Zomboss, is already beating down the city, block by block, moving fast to your street. But you are here to defend it and you know how to keep these horrible guys away – the mighty plants will help! Give them a stab back and fight through the challenging levels. The well-known characters and the members of your team are here again – Sun Flower, Bonk Choy, and Pea Shooter as well as the other soldiers are ready for your commands, colonel! Make the right decisions and follow the smart strategies to win battle by battle and make your way to the victory! Choose the playing regime you like more – whether a PvP or a multiplayer one. Call your buddies and join the field together or enjoy a solo-game. Just make sure that you know which flowers and trees fit particular battle positions perfectly. You will have to pass numerous matches before becoming a really cool and clever strategist, but we know that you can do that! For the sake of your native town and your brains! Enjoy the free and unblocked version of this title on this website and don’t forget to check the other parts and games from the series. The legendary battles are waiting for you and your friends!

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