Plants vs Zombies 4

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The new episode of your courageous adventures in the world of Plants and Zombies starts today. The doom-guys and the bloom-guys will collide again and this time the battle will be even more tough. The life and death will fight and you are the one who decides the outcome of this struggle. Enter the new game and meet new characters – both plants and zombies. The mighty opponents are going to amaze you with new skills they have. Now zombies are less stupid than they were – it seems like they have something hidden deep in their heads! They have learned how to attack better and your flowers will have to deal with new challenges now. But here is a great new feature for you – now gamers can enjoy being a commander of plants or a grand master of the dead! You can choose the side and experience a brand new way of playing.
You will meet dozens of unique characters from both sides – zombies and flowers. They have super skills, being original. You can unlock them during the playing process and get rewards for your successful fights to move on, gain new warriors, and improve their abilities. Develop your shooters, masked ninjas, and snipers to make them unbeatable and truly powerful. Also, from the side of the zombies, you will enjoy an access to developing and new units as well. Try both armies and choose the one you find more engaging! Your decisions and style will help you to develop the best strategies and become a winner and savior of the world!
By the way, as a hero, you can create a crew and fight together with your comrades. Divide duties and diversify your abilities having a team of various mates in your team. Get the heroes you already know how to play for and be risky enough to try those you have never chosen before – who knows, maybe they are the elements lacking in your current army and you will become even mightier when having them by your side! Try new fighting styles, strategies, and experiment with different combinations of characters.

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