Plants vs Zombies – Battle for Neighborville

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The time has come to grow! Yes, little seeds, you will become mighty and powerful large trees someday. And a very noble and important mission is waiting for you – defending your lands from the horrible conquerors, who are neither dead, nor alive. Little flowers will show that they are not as tender as everyone think they are. The trees will grow even higher and show that they are not the places where the birds make nests only. No time to stand still, green comrades! The city is under attack of horrible Zomboss and his armies are trying to get through the city. You will stand on their way and keep those creatures away as long as you can. Defeat them all and show your mightiness to save the city and the entire world from a disaster!
Are you inspired? Well, then get ready for a really massive battle where plants and zombies will take part. Do you think that they have nothing to share? You are wrong. When the world is in danger, everything can happen. This day has come and you are going to command an army of plants to keep your house safe when the zombies will come. This won’t be easy, but with strategic skills and well-thought approach to the battles, you will surely deal with this uneasy task. Let’s see how you should do that.
The game will present you with a truly large amount of different plants. All of them are divided into classes and this means that they have different skills, being perfect for diverse tasks and mission. For example, there are perfect quiet assassins that can disappear from the enemies’ sight when needed. They can sneak into the army of your enemy without being noticed and make a massive explosion there! Surprise, brain-eaters! How do you like that? Also, there are snipers, perfect soldiers for a distant battle. You should place them at the last lines of your squad to allow them make the horde of zombies thinner and smaller even before they get close enough. There are healers, plants that will look after your soldiers and treat their wounds. There are soldiers for close battles and you should locate them on the front line of the army. Make the right choices and locate your warriors where they belong. This will increase your chances to win the battle. Be thoughtful and place your soldiers correctly! The game has numerous opportunities to demonstrate, so you will be excited to test them all and do some experiments! Hopefully, the beautiful city of Neighborville will stand against the horror that is moving closer and closer. You will surely play a significant role in this battle.

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