Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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Are your botanical weapons already getting a bit dusty? The time has come to pull them out and start a new fight against the zombies! The Warfare 2 part of Plants VS Zombies is at your service, which means that the dizziest shooter is back again. Your main enemy, the master of all zombies, Doctor Zomb Boss, is already here. He captures your city again, turning all of its streets into horrible places. Well, in fact, they are horrible for human beings and flora of the town, but are real bounty corners for the undead. Of course, both plants and people are feeling really uncomfortable when surrounded by smelly and dark emptiness that is so pleasant for the zombies! They unite into teams and try to get the territories back as well as to defend those that are not conquered by the filth to this moment.
This part of the game has a new cool regime. It allows twenty-four players to unite and arrange massive fights together. There is also a mode for four gamers and a solo-mode. When playing the multiplayer versions of the game, you can choose yourself a side – whether you want to become a zombie leader or a flowers commander. Feel yourself as one of the attackers or a defender – the choice is yours! What is more, in this chapter, you will get an access to a brand new environment. This one is called a Backyard Battleground, a place where you have your personal corner. This is a funny and enjoyable place to spend your time. You are welcome to meet your friends there and solve puzzles, complete various tasks and mission, and make your playing process more diverse and interesting. Every single day the game will provide you with new entertainments, so don’t miss your chance and try them all!
The main feature of this chapter is an opportunity to become a zombie. You can play for the plants, as always, or try a new type of game now, choosing the undead as your army. When doing so, you will rush at the plants, trying to break through their defense and get more and more territories. Crush the flowers, infect other dwellers, and eat their brains, of course. On the other hand, you can also stay a flower captain and keep the defense, killing the monsters as you always did. There are also new unique characters, classes, and suits to try on. Now you can enjoy fourteen classes of characters, including six new ones. As for the characters, there are more than a hundred of unique and new zombies and plants to see. The game presents you with an endless amount of different regimes and you can choose the one you like the most.

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